Tips on Picking The Right Bag


Modern women always need to equip themselves with accessories to look complete. Bags are now part of the accessories. Women always feel the need to buy lots of different types of bags to match with their outfits. Unless you’re a superstar whom designers lend you their products, you might find it difficult to buy every handbag with your limited budget. You need to be practical and wise when it comes to spending money. Don’t buy something just because it’s in fashion. You might not like the design that much but you buy it due to its popularity.

Okay, you’re ready to go shopping but you’re still undecided on what bag to buy. First thing you need to think about is do you really need another bag? If yes, then what kind of bag do you need? Do you have a style in mind? This can narrow down the choices you have when shopping for a bag.

What’s Better Small or Big Bags?

Get a bag that’s proportionate to your size and appropriate for the event. If you’re really, really petite then big bags might make your frame seem even smaller. Go for classy bags that can be used for more than one occasion. It’s not practical to buy one bag after the other to match your outfit.

Here are the Usual Types of Bags and their Uses:

Work Bags

Gone are the days where workbags are black and boring. Professional women now have an array of colors to choose from. Workbags can contain numerous things. From mobile phones, make-ups kits, planner, etc. These bags are usually brought from one place to another like to attend meetings and seminars.

Fancy Bags

Clutch bags, small handbags and bedazzled bags are just some fancy bags that most women used. They are usually small in size and are handy. They mostly contain only the necessities like powder and lipstick. Breath mints are also a must in attending occasions.

Traveling Bags

If you’re rich then you can afford matching branded bags that stars tow around. If your human (like most of us are) then go for sturdy and bags that will last long. Remember you have to tow them around so they need to be durable.

Laptop Bags

This is probably one of the latest types of bags that is under any women’s radar. Laptops come in many shapes and sizes and so do the bags for them. Everyone now totes her laptop with her to go to work.

Everyday Bags

These bags could be anything under the sun. There are so many bags that can be used anytime to suit daily activities. You can use these bags to go to mall, grocery or anywhere.

Aside from the style you also have to think about the material of the bag. What type of texture of the bag? What do you want the bag to feel like? How much is your budget? These are just some questions you need to ask yourself when finding the right bag.

If you’re still undecided on what to buy then do just wander around in the mall. Search for some styles in the internet and get ideas from magazines. It’s better to shop only when you have something in mind. This can save a lot of time and a lot of money as this will prevent you from browsing everything in the store.

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