Bridal Jewellery – Simple But Stunning


If you are planning to get married soon, you know how important the jewellery is to the bride, however, keeping it simple is the newest trend. There was a time when brides wore so much jewellery that their wedding gown was hardly noticed because everyone only saw the big necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. However, more brides have learned that jewellery should be accenting the wedding dress, not being the focal point. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the pieces you will wear with your dress, keeping is simply yet stunning is a true classic beauty.

You have seen the princess-style jewellery that many brides have worn, but the trend is more towards a simpler way to accessorize on your big day. Most brides today are wearing simply earrings and stunning necklaces, which is typically more than enough jewellery to accent the dress. This makes choosing the jewellery that you will wear trickier because you have to make sure the one or two pieces you select are truly accenting your gown.

Silver and diamonds always work well for most wedding gowns and most skin types. Pearls have come back in style and many brides are proudly sporting pearl necklaces on her big day. Pearls were once very popular especially in the 1940’s and 1950’s, but they lost their popularity with the rise of gold and silver sterling. However, pearls have made a comeback, and they are a stunning way to accent the wedding dress. In addition, many of the pearl necklaces have silver or diamonds included in the design, which is stunning.

The type of gown the bride is wearing also determines the type of necklace she should or should not wear. For instance, if she is wearing a high neckline, a necklace may not even be needed. On the other hand, lower cut necklines always need some type of necklace; otherwise, the neck will look barren.

In addition, the jewellery should match the style of the ceremony. For example, if the wedding is very formal, then the necklace or other pieces should also be extremely formal. A wedding that is more casual should have subtle but stunning jewellery to complete the bride’s look. Obviously, if the ceremony were very formal, you would not want the bride to wear something that is casual, or if it is casual, the bride should not wear extravagant jewellery.

The bride’s hair can also have some jewels in it, which is very classy looking, but remember to keep all of the jewellery simple, especially when it comes to adding anything to her hair.

Earrings should also be simple and match the necklace that is being worn, but if there is no necklace, then make sure the earrings are not too huge, because that does not appear subtle. Remember, that all of the bride’s jewellery is to accent her face, wedding gown, and skin tone. Anything above this is often too loud and takes away from the beauty of the dress she is wearing.

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